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The First Ethereal

A witch who’s lost her powers, a super empath living her last life and a secret library where the books whisper of a magical being that could just save them all…

For all her young life, Lilly has had Jack by her side. Invisible to everyone but her, he is her friend, confidante, and protector. Jack taught her how to control her gift, which, to Lilly, is nothing but a curse.  

When floods force Lilly out of her home, fate intervenes, and she finds refuge with Storm, a widowed ex-witch who has lost her magic. As the world collapses around them, all three become immersed in a desperate race against time to find the First Ethereal – the one being that the prophecies say can save the world from imminent annihilation. 

Along the way, Storm must confront the mystery of her missing magic, and Lilly the truth about who Jack really is. Are some secrets best kept hidden?

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The Blessing of Crows(Book 2)

The First Ethereal saved the world, but can she save herself? 

Dive back into the Ethereal world in this nail-biting sequel to The First Ethereal. 

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