Impatiently Waiting: A Writer's Tale

Impatiently Waiting: A Writer's Tale

Publishing a book is ten percent writing and editing and 90 percent waiting and faffing around with websites of various descriptions.

If the tech fairy wasn't one of the magical beings invited to your christening, it also involves a lot of time on live chats... [Hello? Are you still there? Sorry, but did you read my original question? Okay, yes, I'll type it again...🤯]

Okay, 90 percent is probably a slight distortion, but that's certainly how it feels at the moment, which suggests that the patience fairy was also absent when the virtues were being handed out to baby me.

My third book, 'The Magic Keepers', a standalone time-travelling fantasy romance about the keepers of the magical libraries, landed in my brain during the seventeen-minute drive to the gym in May 2023. It was going to be a short story and four days later it was finished – hurrah! Until, of course, ten minutes after sending it to my beta readers, I realised that it needed to be a longer short story.

After extending the slightly longer short story, it became clear that it was more like a novella and then... you guessed it, a full-length novel, which meant I ended up pretty much re-writing the whole thing. Then I had to wait until August 2023 for the rest of the story to download into my brain, and the waiting was beyond painful.

But now the book is finished, and as soon as I get confirmation of the delivery schedule from my printer, I can set the launch date. While I wait, I'm off to see if the tech fairy is willing to entertain mid-life blessings in exchange for some good chocolate and my eternal gratitude. 


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