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The Unexpected Wisdom of My Plucky Third Book

A week today, my plucky little third book, 'The Magic Keepers', will arrive in the world. I say plucky because this one was so determined to be written, it elbowed what was to be book number three aside like a bargain-hunting bibliophile in a Black Friday book sale.

What I'd initially imagined as a short story to provide some history on the keepers of the magical libraries clearly had an agenda – and a timeline of its own.

The self-flagellating writer

Throughout the writing, I've been metaphorically kicking myself for not being quicker. Book two, now 'The Blessing of Crows', all but fell out of my head in nine short months, and I've been quietly annoyed at myself (something I excel at) that 'The Magic Keepers' took so much longer. 

Perception is everything 

Brooding on this just now, I went back and looked at the dates for 'The Blessing of Crows' and got the shock of my life! From conception to launch, 'The Magic Keepers' will have taken fourteen months to make it from brain to book, which is EXACTLY the same amount of time as 'Crows'! I can't believe I hadn't worked that out before now!

The timing is always perfect  

Maybe it's apt for a time-travelling fantasy romance to deliver some life lessons on patience, self-compassion and perspective. One of my husband's favourite sayings is 'the timing is always perfect'.

I've been parroting the line for years, but now, at last, I feel the true meaning. So, a big thank you to my determined, plucky little third novel for delivering that beautiful lesson.

The Magic Keepers is a standalone Ethereal World prequel.

Pre-orders from this website and wherever you get your books. 

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