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The Magic Keepers (eBook)

The Magic Keepers (eBook)

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As the keeper of the Pont Nefoedd Library of Magical Texts, Lydia knows her chosen profession is fraught with danger. When she discovers a book that could change the world forever, her elation is short-lived. Just minutes later, she’s running for her life.

When an ancient spell book tries to help, Lydia and apprentice Rose are catapulted through a rip in time, landing in 1841 amidst a community of powerful Victorian witches. But where there are witches, there are witch finders – and Silas Thorne has dedicated his life to eradicating magic in all its forms.

While Lydia searches for a way home to 1960, desperate to get the Book of Prophecy to safety, Rose discovers that, sometimes, love can defy even time itself. Will Lydia and Rose change history – or be lost to it? 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Emma Ward
Another addictive read from E.L Williams!

I adored the first two Ethereal books, and The Magic Keepers continues the trend of being books I can’t put down!

Emma Shepherd
Magical ✨️

(Spoiler-free) 📚✨

I received an advanced copy of "The Magic Keepers" 📖😊 Having devoured E.L. Williams' first two books, "The First Ethereal" and "The Blessing of Crows," I was excited for this one. And wow, did it deliver! 🌟🙌

Lydia, the keeper of the Pont Nefoedd Library of Magical Texts, finds a book that could change everything. Just as she's celebrating this find, she's thrust into a wild chase for her life. Talk about a rollercoaster! 🎢😲

Then there's an ancient spell book that sends Lydia and her apprentice, Rose, back to 1841. They land smack in the middle of a Victorian witch community, which sounds like it could be fun until you learn that witch finders like Silas Thorne are out to get them. The stakes are high as Lydia tries to find a way back to 1960 and keep the Book of Prophecy safe, while Rose discovers that love can be timeless. 💞🕰️

What I love about E.L. Williams’ writing is how she makes her worlds feel so real and alive. Her descriptions are vivid, and every scene is beautifully detailed without being overwhelming. I could almost smell the old books in Lydia's library and feel the tension in the air as they ran from danger. 📚😌🔥

The characters are where this book truly shines. Lydia and Rose felt like people I could know in real life. Their struggles, fears, and hopes were so relatable. Lydia’s determination and Rose’s journey kept me turning pages late into the night. I laughed, I cried, I gasped – it was all in there. 😂😭😮

One of the themes that hit home for me was hope. Despite all the danger and uncertainty, there’s this underlying current of hope and resilience. Given my health issues, finding a book that leaves me feeling uplifted and hopeful is like finding hidden treasure. 🌟💖

If you haven’t read E.L. Williams’ other books, don’t worry. "The Magic Keepers" works perfectly as a standalone. But if you have read "The First Ethereal" and "The Blessing of Crows," you’ll appreciate the deeper understanding of the world. 🌍✨

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! It’s a fantastic read for anyone who loves fantasy, time-travel, or just a well-told story with rich characters and emotional depth. E.L. Williams has outdone herself with this one, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 🎉📚

Nicola Sparkes
The Magic Keepers

I was lucky to receive an advance copy of the magic keepers.
Every so often a book comes along that you just can put down, The Magic Keepers is THE book that you cannot put down.
It's fast paced, exciting and incredibly thrilling whilst still being incredibly detailed and informative giving you all the information you need to totally understand the magical world of Lydia, Rose, Dilys and the nefarious Silas.
I could honestly have read another 100 pages or more!
The characters are so well portrayed you feel as if you actually know them.
I love how the animals in all the books play as much of a part as the main character.
I loved the description of the places, Tenby, Cardiff and Aberystwyth, the smells and the sounds of summer, I felt as if I was actually there.
I enjoyed the love story unfolding on every page even in the chaos that surrounded them all. E. L Williams then brings everything together beautifully as the story concludes.
I can't wait for the next book.